Anggun City Features

Warm and Welcoming

Warm & Welcoming

Anggun City Rawang New Town impresses and attracts with its state-of-the-art architectural design, complete with a contemporary link bridge that connects its sprawling structure.
Covered walkways, green landscaped path and serene surroundings envelope Anggun City, encouraging visitors to rest and relax while they get their needs met and shop for the things they love.
With a futuristic facade bearing the Anggun City logo, the architectural design of this iconic mall in Rawang is truly something to marvel about. A contemporary link bridge connects the buildings, offering ultimate visibility when visitors drive past the structure.

A Place For Celebration

A Place For Celebration

THE ATRIUM comprises a series of outdoor spaces dedicated to events during festival seasons. Enveloped by shopfronts, alfresco dining and manicured landscapes, the centralised location is de nitely a crowd-attracting hotspot.
The Atrium, a gathering spot created for festive events and vibrant activities is set right in the heart of Anggun City. Flanked by al fresco dining areas, beautiful garden landscapes and outdoor features, this centrepoint offers ample space for a variety of showcases, exhibitions, roadshows, events and promotional activities.
Whether it’s Christmas, Deepavali, Chinese New Year or Hari Raya, the Atrium comes alive with the sights and sounds of our favourite local festivities. The outdoor space is specially designed to accommodate large scale outdoor decoration and showpieces.

Venue For Fun and Leisure


The main spaces of Anggun City Rawang New Town engage a boulevard concept, sheltered by an attractive roof overhead. Shop lots are designed with large window fronts and spacious walkways for high visibility, engaging shoppers and passers-by right away. Double volume retail lots occupy the ground floor while weekend markets are also incorporated as a crowd-puller.


Retail shop lots look out to the centre space, designed in a promenade- like manner, keeping the pedestrian walkways open and spacious. On the ground floor, the double volume space offers impressive facades along with alfresco areas that immediately draw the attention of passers-by. Additionally, each retail unit comes with an accessory parcel


At another end of the boulevard, walkways are easily transformed into a bazaar or market place, designed to accommodate a good number of kiosks over the weekend.

Car Park and Security


Security is one of Anggun City’s key priorities. Carparks and the entire mall are fully equipped with CCTV and on-site security, providing round-the-clock security to ensure peace of mind no matter day or night.
1,300 CAR PARKS (1000 basement and 300 surface carpark bays)
Car parking areas are accessible via walkways and escalators and lifts, with round-the-clock security to give each shopper a safe and convenient experience.
Car parking bays blend with the gardenscapes, affording a pleasant and safe walk to and from visitors’ vehicles. Most walkways are also covered so visitors are sheltered from rain and sun as they leave or get into their cars.
One of the outstanding features of Anggun City are the first floor, shopfronts which are designed parallel with the corridor space, giving full visibility & added value to the retail shops.

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