Are you actively searching for your new dream home? Other than new launches and under construction properties, you may want to consider a completed property as it has many perks too!

Here are 3 significant benefits of buying a ready-move-in property

What You See Is What You Get

Have you experienced purchasing something online and then end up getting your purchased goods somewhat different from what you expected? If you dislike this feeling of unsureness, buying a completed home might be more suitable for you as you get to experience the quality of the final product and the neighbourhood.

When you and your family are satisfied after viewing the actual unit, you will definitely be more confident in putting up your savings for your new home, knowing that what you see is what you are going to get!

You Can Move In Immediately

The best thing about buying a completed home is that you do not need to wait for a few years before actually moving in. And, what even better than a completed home?

A Interior-Design-Ready home. Meaning, you can just pack your bags and move into your new home immediately. You do not even need to worry about interior design and purchasing furniture to fit the house, as it all comes in ready with the unit you purchased!

At Anggun 3, you can easily own your fully furnished ready-to-move-in Semi-D at only RM1.4M.

Save More!

Purchasing a fully furnished property is actually saving you more money than you think. From hiring an interior design agency to engaging and dealing with contractors or repairmen will require a significant amount of time and the cost of engaging multiple parties will also be higher.

Understanding this pain point from the owner’s perspective, Hong Bee Land makes things simpler by engaging a renowned interior designer and completing all of the necessary tasks in advance. In this way, you will be able to enjoy more peace of mind following the purchase of a home or property.

Did you know that the FREE fully furnished package is actually worth RM300K? What a deal! In addition, Anggun 3 is also under the Home Ownership Campaign (HOC) 2021, where you can enjoy Free SPA and Loan legal fees and MOT waiver.

So now you know the benefits of choosing ready-to-move-in property! Well then, check out Anggun 3 @ Rawang New Town which offers ready-to-move-in freehold Semi-D’s in a gated and guarded community. To know more about Anggun 3, visit or call us at 018 388 2525.